Catch your employees doing something right.

Your business depends on delivering an exceptional customer experience, but you can’t be everywhere at once. As a service-dependent business, you need scalable systems to uphold your standards in every area of business, from marketing and branding to employee integrity and sales practices.

Mystery shopping provides actionable data you can use to build smarter strategies for both internal and external operations. A century-old technique created by private investigators, mystery shopping is no longer limited to employee theft and loss prevention monitoring. Our mystery shoppers are trained to catch your employees at their best as well as their worst, providing an ongoing accountability structure that motivates your team to succeed.

Data Solutions for Customer-Oriented Companies

Fine Dining Restaurants
Fast Casual Restaurants
Retail Stores
Storage Facilities

Meet Our CEO

Dan Cosgrove has spent his life in the customer research business. As a child, he would often go with his father (MSI co-founder Robert Cosgrove) to conduct restaurant audits – even participating in the exercise at restaurants while on vacation with family and friends. As a young adult, Dan earned his California Private Investigator license and began his career in the field of bar surveys. He founded the Hospitality Specialty Group in 1997 before merging with his father’s business in 1999. Under Dan’s leadership, MSI has grown from a locally-focused family business to an international customer research leader.

How We Help

Our clients own and operate retail store operations, storage facilities, hospitals, hotels, and more. They come to us with challenges like these:

  • “Our sales are growing but we are losing money, and I don’t know why.”
  • “How can we most cost-effectively improve our customer service quality?”
  • “I paid for my employees to be trained in _____. Is it working?”
  • “I think one of my new employees might be stealing. How can I find out?”
  • “We’re running a major marketing campaign and I want to make sure every store is featuring ______ at the registers.”
At their core, the answers to all of these challenges are driven by information. We build the systems to measure the answers to these questions. We provide you with the answers you were looking for, as well as a detailed analysis and clear recommendations tailored to your business.

We are proudly affiliated with the following organizations

Mystery Shoppers Providers Association (MSPA)
California Licensed Investigators (CALI)
Restaurant Loss Prevention Security Association (RLPSA)